Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Generation Y's Goal

This week, I have been reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray Love. I've only read part one so far about how she learns to experience sensual (note: different from sexual) pleasure in Italy, mostly through food. It made me think about how the children I teach in technology class are soooooo all about gratifying their own pleasures. Every game we play or lesson they learn, they want to know how they will be rewarded. For a hard-working, internally driven person like myself, I see this as selfishness and weakness. A USA article I read recently helped me to see it differently:
Generation Y's Goal? Wealth and Fame
Essentially, 81% of 18-25 year olds cite being rich as their #1 goal and 51% said being famous. This is the first generation who is growing up seeing themselves as stars on American Idol, The Real World and the Apprentice. They think their lives are suitable for entertaining consumption on My Space and Facebook. Each is a modern day Narcissus. How do we help children whose worldview is shaped by this outlook?

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RunSingTeach said...

I just read this book as well. In my constant search for the divine, or intrinsic acceptance and gratification, I often find myself at a loss and resorting to extrinsic modes. The inevitable guilt rolls in as I see myself as "just as bad as them".

I wonder if it will take our kids to truly have a deep sense of loss as Liz did in order to find that intrinsic sense of pleasure and divine intervention. I can only pray that it does not.