Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exhaustion: My First Podcast

My lecture on Web 2.0 at the PEP last night went long....2 1/2 hours of talking with no break. I was so drained afterward that I felt like crying--not because it didn't go splendidly, it did. I felt like crying because I had given practically all of myself. A lecture or course is fundamentally an exchange of energy; you connect with the audience members and hopefully pass along your knowledge. In the process you are also sharing your personal energy. Last evening, those fifty parents needed so very much from me and I was happy to give all that I had. In the end, all I could do was drive home and settle into a yogic child's pose.

Here's a link to the podcast of that evening's lecture. I have posted it, along with the entire slide show onto my school's Web site so that attendees can have access to the hyperlinks within and share it with their family members and friends who could not be there.

You can also view a page of hyperlinks related to the topic here.

Today, I'm not talking very much.

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Victoria said...

Dear Ms. Berman-Dry ~

Just want to let you know that I DO intend to take the time to fully absorb your podcast in its entirety, but after listening to just 15 minutes of it already, I am absolutely WOWED by your mastery of technology, by how much you've put into this presentation, and by the abundant beneficial resources you also shared on your blog and on the school's Web site. You are truly a gift to your students and their families, and a credit to your school.

With kind regards,

Victoria Colette Reynolds
Washington DC