Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Everything is Connected

Not for the first time in my real life, but for the first time in my online life today I felt censored. Twice. First, I had to take down something I wrote here. I had to take it down for a good reason, a solid reason, but I still didn't like it. I've never known the feeling of not being able to express myself online has always been this wide open space, this sky.

And then yesterday, a friend asked me to write something in support of her cause. I used to believe in her cause, but since then, I have distanced myself from it. I think of it as something I used to know or think in a different life. But now, that request she has made draws me backward and I am no longer as free as I once was to express myself...I have an online presence, I teach, parents and friends may disagree with my old choices. Although it may seem like these are random thoughts, they are all connected. We are all connected. And for the same reason I had to take something off my blog, and the same reason why I cannot write something for my friend's cause--my old cause--that might later be linked back to me online, I am intensely aware of how tightly, inextricably we are all connected. It's a spiritual lesson in the Buddhist sense. It's almost as good as being in church on Sunday, my Southern Baptist preaching grandpa hitting the message home from his high lecturn over the crowd. We are all connected. It's all connected. The limitations I face today are indication of my place in this world. Of everyone's place in this world.
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