Thursday, January 24, 2008

International Connections Overdrive

Yowza, do I feel connected! Yesterday, I spent an hour chatting with my fifth grade class partner in Gaziantep, Turkey. She's young and exuberant, having just visited the U.S. on exchange last year. Her students and ours have been involved in Webconferencing using Windows Live messenger and getting to know one another on a private Ning I have set up for them. Aysun is thrilled that they have taken such ownership over this site already, having posted hundreds of photos, videos, messages and posts in only four days since inception.

Our second grade partners, Susan Souza and Kim Cofino have agreed to host our first Skype Webconference...all the way to Thailand at 8:00 at night. We're putting together a new partnership with our first grade and a classroom in Spain, arranging an environmental studies trip to Belize through the World Leadership School and all the while trying to manage day to day responsibilities of teaching and running a technology department. I'd be exhausted if it wasn't so much fun. My favorite tool right now is something I've blogged about before--the lower quality pocket video camera. The kids are using them for everything. It's the way they document their world now.

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