Thursday, May 22, 2008

Online Publisher

I'm looking at a proof copy of my first novel. Ethan's Misadventures in Midgaard (Book One of the Warrior Draig Series) was completed about three years ago. I had an agent, and could have gotten it published...but I would have had to make some changes that I felt were unacceptable. They just were not in the spirit with which I wrote the book. So, I let it go. I was too exhausted to search for another agent and try again. I probably only received 10 rejection letters before I realized I was not cut out for "the game." So, I kinda forgot about the book.

But then, last year my father died. He had always wanted me to get that book published and I felt it was a kind of memorial to make that happen. Right about the same time, I heard about an online publisher. On this site, your book is published with an official ISBN, they arrange for publicity, and are available online on Amazon/Barnes and Noble, and of course in bookstores. With a "vanity publisher" you pay to have the books published yourself. In this case, bookstores and people buy it if they think it worthwhile. So, if you have an unfinished novel in your drawer, or book of family recipies, or children's picture book, get it published! You can buy my book on Amazon by clicking here:
I can't help but feel closure.

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Christian Beyer said...

Congratualations! We need to talk, I've looked into Lulu but a little confused.