Friday, January 16, 2009


If you haven't checked out iEARN lately, give it another look-see. They have some really cool technology-rich international projects in which your classes could participate. There is a catch, the service costs $100 per classroom and $400 per school. While there are plenty of ways to find resources for free, if you need a bit more guidance, this may offer an option for you. Some of my colleagues have praised it. Their project center is featuring a Folk Tales project, Tulip study, Holiday Card exchange and a lot more. They also have a professional development section on the site, where they offer courses for educators. The courses are $360 for members and $260 for members. Here's a list of their current offerings:
Creative Arts
Creative Writing/Language Arts
Social Studies/Contemporary Affairs/Geography
Teaching of Foreign and Second Languages
Learning Circles
Moving Voices (Making digital documentaries)
PEARL: Integrating Journalism skills into the classroom

It's a great resource that's becoming even greater!

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