Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teacher Suspended in Facebook Incident

Okay, admittedly this is old news, but I'm only hearing it now. Apparently, a teacher in a public school posted a comment to her Facebook page, thinking her profile was set to private, when in fact it was public. I'm guessing she wasn't a technology teacher. Or maybe I'm hoping she's not. At any rate, she was suspended. I read about it in T.H.E. Journal article "Suspended Teacher In Facebook Incident Ignites Debate." Of course there is some responsibility on the teacher's part for learning how to use a tool before posting sensitive information. But on the other hand, I think this is a perfect illustration of how our students fall into these same kinds of situations. They are not taught at school the correct ways to keep their information private, these subjects are taboo, and the Web sites blocked out. That kind of thinking produces adults who make mistakes like this one! My school blocks these sites out, but that's because of school policy, not my policy. I try my best to teach the students about it anyway through demonstration. I'm just not sure how much responsibility lies with the parents. Wouldn't you say most of it? Or no?

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