Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wildlife Filmmaker

National Geographic is offering a Wildlife Filmmaker using their stock film clips, music and even sound effects. The format is very similar to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, so it's like training wheels for students just about to learn these tools. This would be ideal for younger students, grades K-2 or maybe you could stretch it to grade 3. I read about it in Learning and Leading with Technology's Dec/Jan 08-09 issue and tried it out with the Kindergarteners who learn about animals in native habitats. Downside: you can't download the clips. You can save them with a numeric code, but no letters. At best you can get a URL to share with parents and it's not clear how long they'll be available for viewing. Upside: These videos turn out looking quite professional and can be done in two 45 minute periods.
Image: ilearntechnology.com

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