Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Global Education on a Dime (Redux)

I keep a stack of paper magazines and journals. Sometimes I get a chance to read them in between classes, but more often they sit in a pile, mocking me. "You're falling behind in content knowledge! You're missing the boat on the next important thing!" Of course, I follow my blogs and feeds but there's something about paper I like. Often, I'll read about half the magazine and bookmark it, promising to come back to it only an hour or two later. Then, about six months later, I'll come back to it.

Today, I came back to a very old issue of Edutopia--Feb/March 2008. In that issue, they feature an article "Global Education on a Dime." There are copious links for tools and projects that are free or low cost for today's plummeting budgets. Ironically, Edutopia is no longer free, but the online article is still there.

The related article and video, "What Does the World Is Flat Mean for Education?" and "A Night in the Global Village: Role-Playing Life in Poverty" are also good.

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