Monday, May 18, 2009

Internet Safety Workshop Resources

I'm presenting another Internet safety workshop for parents at the Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) in Kensington this week. The presentation is for middle school parents. Here are the handouts/resources I'll be using:

1. The Risks of Facebook (CBS-6 WTVR News Segment) Highlights the security features available on Facebook.
2. Just How Bad Is Facebook For You? (BBC News, May 5 2009) Refutes the news articles stating that facebook users' grades tend to be lower.
3. Easing the e-Teasing (Presentation by Judy S. Freeman, March 17, 2009) Helping parents understand cyberbullying and how to distinguish it from traditional bullying.
4. Text Unto Others... (by Matt Villano, T.H.E. Journal, September '08) Teaching basic principles of good citizenship.
5. Pew Internet and American Life Project (Various Statistics)
6. Facebook for Parents web site
7. WebwiseKids web site, with interactive content for helping parents and kids make smart choices.
8. Charlotte's WebPage (by Lowell Monke, Sept 2005) A manifesto on children and the role technology should play in their lives.

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