Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nota New Wiki! Yes! A New Wiki!

The August 2009 Issue of Tech & Learning had a Top Tweets section...so I'm kind of lurking in Twitterville without having to actually tweet, I guess. The question was "What's your favorite app?" The usual suspects are featured: voicethread, wordpress, voki, moodle. But in that list there was one new tool and I *think* I like it. Notaland is a new wiki tool that has a much more graphical interface. Students will respond to being able to make it look different than all the other wikis out there. Of course, it's free, as per usual for my criteria. Other neat features: It links automatically to the flickr copyright free images database, and you can tilt/size all those pics onscreen--something some other wikis don't allow. You can then embed those pages on another blog and whatnot. The picture here is me playing around. Neat, huh? I mean, lame right now, but it'll be pretty cool once useful and definitely looks like a different kind of wiki page.
NOTA - Boston--Morocco--India Collaboration

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