Friday, December 11, 2009


This evening, my husband and are going to see a play, but I had about 20 minutes to spend playing around before we leave. He's making Glog (Swedish Spiced Wine) for a holiday party. I thought I'd play with some of the tools that Russell Stannard at the University of Newcastle in the UK lists on his site. I found out about his site thanks to Kathy Schrock's Educator's Guide. One of the tools he links to is Dvolver. Here is the lamest video ever made with the "Movie Maker" tool below. Hollywood might not come knocking, but I can think of some great uses for it:
1. Language learning via dialogue composition.
2. Sequence of events writing for younger students.
3. Illustration of a scientific principle (explaining how photosynthesis happens, etc.)

What else?

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