Thursday, June 2, 2011

Infographics, My New Obsession

I don't know how YOU stay energized and focused in a field as mercurial and transformative as Ed Tech, but one way I do it is to find a focus. For a while I was focused on Web 2.0 tools, and for a while on programming. Now, I've decided it's infographics. What are infographics? Well, I saw that ISTE 2011 features a BYOL(laptop) session on Infographics and thought to myself, "Self, that's the way education is going--synthesis of data into a visual communication piece." I immediately signed up for the session and found out later that it is being led by Kathy Schrock. That's pretty neat, too. She has already erected a page/site for the conference with tons of information and links on the topic.

According to the "Anatomy of an Infographic" site, each infographic has these important parts:
◦Color Coding
◦Reference Icons

◦Time Frames

I'll attend the session and post here how it went.

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