Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Fakewall is a Pain in the Rear

My fifth graders tried creating fake Facebook pages for American Colonists today using My Fakewall. It has been lauded as a great Web 2.0 tool in many blogs like Free Tech for TeachersPursuit of Technology Integration Happiness and Teach2Connect, so I figured I'd give it a try. Not only did the login page take FOREVER to load, but once we logged in and created accounts, we could not create new pages. If we were successful at creating a page--we had perhaps two or three--we could then not upload pictures. We tried several different file types and on several different computers. It's a part of my life as a tech teacher, an early adopter at that, to experience bugs with Beta products, cost increases with free tools and even the occasional demise of a tool. However, there were so many problems with this tool that it almost rendered my classtime moot. I had them research facts and images for the characters in case the site is up and running next week. For now I deem this tool: A Pain in the Rear.

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Anonymous said...

I agree - we had similar problems. In addition, kids pages were only saved sometimes. More than once a previously save dpage was deleted by the site never to reappear. Won't use it again.