Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Bird Tale

This year, our first graders used Little Bird Tales to make digital e-books on the Wampanoag Indians. They learned about these Native Americans in their class and they reported on their studied by using this free drawing, writing and recording tool. Here is one particularly hilarious report...make sure your audio is turned on.

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Amiee Klem said...

That WAS hilarious! Please tell Benjamin we loved his tale, especially page 1, where he tells everyone about Little Bird Tales and how much he loves the record feature! We knew kids like him would love recording their voices and we are so happy to hear, in a tale, that he loves it! Nothing makes us feel better than to hear it "directly" from the kids!

Thanks for teaching us about the Wampanoag, too. The nice thing about having a record feature is now everyone knows how to say "Wampanoag" correctly.


Amiee Klem
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