Friday, March 15, 2013

Stuck in Between: Device Decisions

As much as we strive to keep the conversation focused on curriculum, at some point, a school implementing 1:1 pilot is going to have to choose a device. We're at that crossroad right now. We have examined so many devices and visited a variety of schools. I have created a pros and cons table. Yet, I have not been able to come to any conclusion. We're stuck between iPads and Chromebooks. There are so many reasons to try the Chromebooks in our middle school, not the least of which is that the students themselves seem to like the idea! The management of the devices is quite simple and requires very little from our non-existent technical support department. Our families can afford the cost associated. However, most of the high schools to which our students matriculate use iPads. Is it in some way irresponsible to ignore that fact? I always argue that we should be preparing our students for their future. We know for a fact that their futures include iPads. However, what about after high school? Are businesses adapting iPads? Some of them, but I would argue that more of them are adapting Google Apps. In the long run, we want our students to be proficient across multiple platforms. Will they retain the knowledge gained in middle school? Probably not, but they might not be afraid when they see it, telling themselves, "oh yeah, in some corner of my mind I have familiarity with that." As I write this, I can tell that I am slanting towards Chromebooks. Is that because it's familiar to me? Ugh! Sturm und Drang! One week to clear this up.

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