Sunday, July 15, 2007


Hi, my name is Alecia and I'm a book-aholic. There's a compulsion I feel that drives me to purchase, purchase, purchase books. It would be worse if I didn't actually read all those books, but put me in a book store and I must purchase a book. They're all just sooooooo freaking interesting. A few years ago, I saw Malcolm Gladwell speak at the National Educational Computing Conference (ISTE) in New Orleans. He was there talking about his book "The Tipping Point," which I promptly purchased and read after hearing him speak. Now, it's a part of my lexicon, a part of my thought process.

This evening, I went to my friendly neighborhood "pusher" (aka Barnes and Noble) to score his most recent book, "Blink." Actually, I went to purchase something much less admirable (a Scottish romance I decline to identify here) and ended up perched on the arm of one of the bookstore's well-used couches with Gladwell's tome about how folks think TOO MUCH. And if anyone could use a lesson in over-thinking, it's me. So if you too suffer from book-aholism, or over-thinking, give it a read! Lemme know what you think.

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RunSingTeach said...

This is totally on my nightstand awaiting its reading! I can't wait to discuss, for now, it is "Arts with the Brain in Mind" by Eric Jensen.