Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Death of Crayons?

It has been almost a month since school has been over. Today, I got an email from a parent at my school whose son, when asked what he'd like to do that day (beach or pool?) responded: "I'd like to finish up my PowerPoint today." Did I mention that this child is seven years old? I had mixed feelings about the email.

1) Horror--that a child would prefer to work on the computer than go to the pool or beach on a lovely summer day. Why, why, why?
2) Pride--that the child had learned so much in our two lessons on PowerPoint during second grade that he could make his own Power points.
3) Concern--had he really written all of the things in the PowerPoint or was he ALREADY learning to copy and paste? Would he be so far ahead of his peers that I will need to arrange for advanced lessons for him? Probably. Ugh.

Maybe I should be proud that my students are so into technology that they want to use it during the summer to produce Power points on subjects that interest them...never mind that no one besides their parents will ever see these great works. But then, you could say the same thing about artwork children make in their bedrooms with their 64-pack of crayons (oooohhh, how I wanted one of those). Maybe PowerPoint is just the new coloring?

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RunSingTeach said...

I am absolutely sure I know of whom you are speaking! You know, perhaps ppt is the new crayon, but on the other hand, perhaps this child will have a cyclical use of his new found love of technology. He will tire of being plugged in (or get carpal tunnel by age 9), return to his "traditional" activities and learn the art of balance. In time, I think we all gain an understanding of balance.