Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Wikis and Nings

Our social studies "Model United Nations" teacher in 8th grade, Kathy Laughlin, created her very first wiki this week. Instead of assigning print research projects, she has created a class wiki to which everyone will post. I'll admit, it hasn't been smooth as butter getting all the kids admitted as users for the wiki. Half of them claim they didn't get the invitation and other kid-related excuses. However, we're getting there. The kids love the idea, because of course they have been raised to believe their life exists on stage and they are all celebrities. We started down an interesting road with them: Why should the school dictate to them what they can create wikis about and what they can't. It led to a whole lesson on public spaces and private rights. Here's the start of their wiki:
Model United Nations Wiki

I will add that the table function in the wikis has been giving me a hard time, as well as the picture functions. It won't let me size images or tables. Anyone else have this issue with wikis?

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