Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thanks to Kathy Schrock, who recently posted on her blog about a new wiki site called Jottit. What makes it great is that it will allow you to create a wiki in about five seconds flat that does not require an email address. You can set it up so that anyone who knows the password (which you set) can edit the site. The home page is so simple that I almost didn't know what to do...there is only ONE button and ONE box. My brain almost could not process the simplicity.

Here's the catch--yes there is a catch. It's not easy to format the text, add hyperlinks, or add pictures. I had a tough time figuring it out myself. It's not HTML, but there is some kind of formatting coding that they use to get things like headers and bullets. Kids could learn it, but it's not as simple as the wikispaces wiki. If you want a class blog that is text only, this is YOUR TOOL!

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