Thursday, September 27, 2007

Third Grade Internet Training

My third grade classes are in the midst of some serious Internet safety and usage training. Today we reviewed notes that the students took while touring Disney's Surf Swell Island Web site. First, we made a Kidspiration Web of all the kinds of information we should never share online. Next, we watched a short clip from How Stuff explaining how a computer gets a virus and then took a short online quiz from Brainpop and discussed places we've all been to that might host viruses. Finally, we watched a commercial they all have seen a hundred times: The Cingular commerical showing a little girl speaking in text-lingo to her mother who is upset about the cell phone bill. That tipped off a conversation about Instant Messenger speak and how words can be used to hurt or to help. So much to do and so little time. I wish I had more than 1/2 hr a week with them.

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SF said...

Computers are cooler than typewriters! (...But much more dangerous)