Wednesday, January 30, 2008

International Studies Immersion Week

Each year, our school holds an immersion week during which they learn all about a given country. It's tied to their International Festival dance performance, and our Multicultural Fair. This year, we've really got our stuff together. Our curriculum coordinator and a second grade teacher Allison Archer have created a We Are The World wiki for our entire staff to use. They have preresearched materials to share with each grade level and designed whole-school "hooks" so that it is a community-wide experience. In years to come, we'll be able to reuse these resources when the "cycle" comes round again. It's a perfect example of how an online collaborative resource can benefit not only a school, but parents at home and those outside our own community as well.

By the way, we are using pbwiki for this and they have improved their bandwidth a great deal from the last time I posted about them. I have absolutely no complaints about the service. It's an ideal tool to use, easier than wikispaces at this point....

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