Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Rat Race

Today, I finally had a moment to check the blogs on my rss feeds after not having done so for about a month. Obviously, I couldn't read it all. I just skimmed for topics that were interesting to me. Quite a few of them dealt with the stress that we, as technology educators, feel towards the neverending "stretch zone" we find ourselves in. Both the Tech-Savvy Educator and Alex at The Learning Blog posted about the stress of staying on top of all the literature, blogs, twitter posts, blah blah blah blah and so on. I know their pain! The early adopters and innovators at our school sometimes make me feel as if I'm not innovating enough...but that's probably just my perception of things. Wisely, Alex reminds us all that we don't HAVE to stay on top of it all. It's a losing game. Just do the best you can...the same things we tell our kids.


ben said...

Alex does make a great point; find something that you can really sink your teeth into and make your own; trying to be a jack of all trades can quickly lead to burnout, while mastering a few newer technologies can ensure that you satisfy your own craving to learn, while still remaining sane...unless of course you're like me, and thrive on the "edge of burnout" feeling :)

BTW, love that photo of you, great mask :)

Alecia Berman-Dry said...

Yeah Ben, that's why I haven't embraced Second Life or Twitter. Like you say here, you just can't sink your teeth into everything and still remain sane. There's this interesting theory called diffusion of innnovations by Everett Rogers. It speaks about innovators and early adopters. Sounds like I'm more an early adopter and you might be an innovator?