Monday, April 28, 2008

Google Earth Pro for Educators

Last night at the AIMS Technology Retreat, Hall Davidson, of Discovery Education was our keynote speaker. While he didn't teach me many new things, I did learn that Educators can download Google Earth Pro for FREE (usually a $400 license). Kevin Jarrett over at Northfield Community School blogged about it, and I'm reposting his info on how to get it for your school here:
"Download the PRO trial version at and then forward the answers to these questions to GEEC [at]
1. The e-mail address (log in) that will be used in connection with the Google Earth Education Account.
2. A brief description of the institution where Google Earth will be installed (URL included). The license may be installed on two computers.
3. Name, title and contact information of the principle faculty member or administrator in charge of the license.
4. A brief description of the intended applications of Google Earth, including grade level(s), discipline(s) and subject matter."

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Kevin Jarrett said...

Happy to be of service! Thanks for the link to CrickWeb, I'll be blogging that shortly! Peace!