Friday, May 2, 2008

Google Earth Pro: Not Quite As Simple

Google Earth Pro for Educators, Free! Wow! So Easy! Whoa nelly! Not so fast. I received an email back from my request explaining a few things:

"This wide distribution of Google Earth Pro is provided for one full year as a means to increase the use of Google Earth in core curriculums.

In return, we ask for your yearly contribution to a forum of educators facilitated by the Google Earth Community at or There, you will be joined by other educators seeking collaborative opportunities with their peers for the benefit of students. Whether it be information in the form of a lesson plan or in a detailed testimony outlining your successes, these contributions will foster incentives for creativity and innovation which that can ultimately evolve into Google Earth enhancements geared specifically toward curriculum development.

To participate, please return your completed application to Should your organization qualify you will receive notification via email with detailed instructions on how to set up your account and register for Google online support.

Information required:

1. Your name (key contact person)
2. Organization / Institution
3. A brief description of the Institution / Organization
4. Full mailing address
5. Telephone number
6. User name (complete email address that will be assigned to the license key)
7. Institution's web address
8. Your Institution's Tax ID (if applicable)
9. Your Institution's 501-3 number (US only, if applicable)
10. A description of the intended application including grade level(s), discipline(s) or subject.
11. What features in Google Earth Pro are important to you and how do you wish to use them in your classroom.
12. Number of computers you are requesting to download this software on.
13. Prior license key information. "

So, this all isn't quite as simple as it seemed, and it appears you get the product for one year only. Then, I wonder, are you required to pay the $400 yearly fee per computer? Or do we go back to the free Google Earth version? Anyone know?

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