Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stating Your Intentions

In my email inbox today, there was a "declaration of intention" awaiting. The email from our newest World Village partner in Indore, Madhya Pradesh India had a pdf attachment formally declaring their intention to partner with us and explicitly outlining their wishes for certain outcomes. This blew me away. In a world of hastily-typed emails, K. Ram Mohan Rao took the time to state his school's intentions. It reminded me of the power words can have. Technology can trivialize the communications process, it can distance us from the gravity of our own statements. This man from the Southern Heights School in India treats his words with care and honor. I have already learned from this partnership. I think all our new partnerships should begin this way.
image credit: pandagon.blogsome.com

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Nancy vonW said...

Hello! I'm looking forward to collaborating with you and others in your school. I've started many collaborations that dwindled out as the year progressed- it's so important to commit the time to these collaborations with planning, vision and focus. I think if all parties can start the year stating our intentions and planning, the momentum can be sustained. Thanks for your post- I feel fortunate to be working with you!