Monday, February 23, 2009

Boolean Searches

Each year, I do my best to teach the idea of boolean logic to third graders. Their wee eight year old minds have a tough time getting the notion of "and" but "not" as it applies to keywords. Ben Rimes, over at the Tech Savvy Educator posted about the Boolify Project using It's a visually depicted search engine...using puzzle pieces. I'm a firm believer in using illustrations, graphics and analogies in teaching so this fits the bill perfectly. We're set to begin search engines this week, so it's perfect timing!
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David said...

Hey Alecia,

Thanks for mentioning Boolify! We're very happy that it has helped to educate future searchers.

Best of all, however, is an update that is about five weeks away from release. It builds upon a ton of user feedback (received over the past year) -- so, please stay tuned, and know that we really pay attention to feedback :o)

--Dave / PLML