Monday, August 3, 2009

Statistics About Global Education

Next week, I'll be presenting a keynote at a school in Nashville, TN about Global Education. Their school has made a commitment to expanding global programs and has engaged my services (via the World Leadership School) to aid them in that endeavor. When preparing a new presentation, I always like to include facts and research proving how it might be beneficial--that appeals to the science-minded and fact-minded among us. While looking into this, I discovered an interesting Pew Internet and American Life research study (such a fantastic resource) called "The Strength of Internet Ties." This study compares, among other things, how much help people felt they had available to them in making important decisions. The finding was that those who had a larger network of "significant" contacts (not core contacts) online felt better able to make that decision. This was largely because a) they had better access to "experts" and b) because they had a wider range of feedback. I think this will be an interesting addition to highlight in the presentation as a way to show how giving our children access to "experts" will enable them to make better decisions. More to come during the week as I prepare.
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