Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coolest New Web Tools

Next week, Sarah Thomas and I will be holding a workshop at our school entitled "Cool New Tools and Time to Try Them." Here's the description:

In this hands-on workshop, teachers will learn about the newest Web 2.0 tools
available for classroom use and will have time to experience them hands-on.
Ideal for classroom teachers of all grades, or technology teachers. Some of the
interesting tools we'll try include Skrbl, Twiddla, FotoFlexer, Sumo, Letterpop
and more.

The tools we are introducing include:

Skrbl: online collaboration tool
Tokbox: Videoconferencing
Dvolver: Movie Maker
Podomatic: Podcast Creator
FotoFlexer: Image Editor
Sumo: Online Drawing and Editing
Letterpop: Online Newsletters and Presentations
Animoto: Slideshow Tool
Aviary: Advanced Imaging Tool

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