Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Free Technology for Teachers Blog, he highlighted a new Web 2.0 "presentation" tool called Prezi. They are now offering free accounts for Educators and students. At first, I ignored it because it seemed kind of gimmicky. It's a visual presentation that gets rid of the slide concept and uses a widescreen boardspace instead. You use the size of text to indicate relevance and relationship of ideas. You can embed documents/images, draw arrows, etc. There are different styles of backgrounds and a presentation can be set to "autoplay" by indicating the path the "animaton" should follow when play is clicked. I have recently been tasked to outline the navigation structure of the World Leadership School's Web site (including revisions). I was just going to use Excel, but decided to give Prezi a try instead. Here are the results. I am not sure it's useful...but then I am a very linear thinker, so it might not seem so to me, but might seem great to some other kind of thinker. What do YOU think?


Theo said...

Hello Alicia, Theo here. Getting an IO error on your Prezi presentation, will try again later. I remember looking at it over the summer. At that time I, too, was unsure. After taking another quick look at the website, I think it's worth a deeper look. I'll send you some thoughts later. Thanks for mentioning it, wouldn't have ever pursued it again.

Anonymous said...

Now that I have seen Prezi in action, I think I DO like it. It fits with my all over the place/bubble thinking. Does it have a voice-over function (that is, to narrate the presentation?).

I wonder how this could be used by students to process thinking?!