Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frontline's Digital Nation

So far, I have watched about a half an hour of Frontline's Digital Nation story and am not much shocked by what has been covered. Although it's still "sensationalized"--the whole section on Korea's internet addiction wasn't really that useful, I thought it important that the average joe (who watches PBS) hear that he or she can't really multitask as well as he or she thinks. More commentary to come.

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Chelsy Hooper said...

Yeah, I saw most of it as well. I didn't think it was all that shocking either- and Frontline does often sensationalize topics. There is an interesting article in Wired I think from the January issue, about Internet addiction "curing" camps in China that is worth checking out. Hint: the kids at the camps aren't really addicted. Hint hint: the kids are treated badly.