Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Texting in the Modern Age

There's a reason why I have not posted since November. No, I'm not one of the blogs that goes the way of the dinosaur after a while, like so many do. My reason weighs about fifteen pounds and is learning how to roll over about now. I foolishly thought I would keep up with my reader, my posts, my tech magazines while I was on maternity leave. Ha! What I did do, however, was become intimately familiar with why kids text. It was a mystery to me before, how a kid could text so very much. I have a plan that allows 1500 texts per month and before I had a baby, I used about 200 per month on the high side. Last month, I used 960. Wow. How did this happen?

We have a dog that likes to bark. So when my husband comes home from work for lunch or at the end of the day, he texts me to tell me so in case our son is sleeping and I need to take the dog out of the room with us. Otherwise, he WILL wake the baby. It has happened. Momma bear almost served the dog for dinner a few days, she was so angry. There's also "can you bring me a pear?" while I'm breastfeeding and cannot yell down the stairs to ask for one. There's also naptime, during which my son requires me to be in the room (I know, I'm working on it). I can text my friends and family to keep in touch during this quiet time, but I can't call. Photos and videos can be uploaded to Facebook via my iPhone quite easily during naptime. Grammy and Grandpa can be a part of our lives on a semi-daily basis, although they live far away.

So all of this is to say that the Ed-Tech-Axis, for which this blog is named, is now somewhat less mysterious to me. Of course, there are still many ways that I need to learn how to marry home use of technology with school use, but I certainly understand my students a lot better in this regard. And once again, I find myself very grateful to live in an age where iPhones and other smart technologies exist. I suppose in the olden days, I would have just put the dog outside permanently!

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