Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Powerful Learning Practice Cohort

This year, six colleagues and I are participating in a year-long professional development course called "Powerful Learning Practice." It's a mostly on-line experience with two days of face-to-face with other local colleagues from our AIMS community. The promise is that it will feature "job-embedded, blended instruction in the use of classroom technology." Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson are the company owners, and a friend who teaches at Garrison Forest sold me on the program at this year's ISTE Conference. She said, "It changed my life." I really like this woman, so I believe her. We shall see. 

The free, open-to-all "pregame" of activities started this week. That means that we receive a daily email with a series of tasks to complete. These are like "23 Things" in nature. For instance, one task is to watch a whole bunch of Web 2.0 videos like "Did You Know?" and "The Networked Student." Then, to make comments upon them. Luckily, they are updated versions from the originals so I'm not repeating things I have seen 15 times. Next day's task is to create a blog post. I think I'm ahead of this game.

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