Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Blogs are Better than Tweets...For Me

Yesterday, I attended our first PLP webinar. It was kind of a recap of our first meeting, actually, with discussions about 21st Century Learning. The focus was upon obstacles and changes that must occur in order for "learning" to happen now. During the discussion, I lamented that I have felt out of touch with my family and friends on Facebook because I was investing time into Twitter. Same for my blogs. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach encouraged me to start a discussion in the Community Hub for the group (a Ning) on the topic and so I did. Susan Carter Morgan helped me to process why it is that I like blogs better than Twitter--most blog posts allow for a longer length to explain what the link is about. That way, I can decide by reading a few sentences if I want to follow the link and explore. On Twitter, it's kind of a "I'm feeling Lucky" button (on Google's Search Engine) ALL THE TIME. Who has time for that? Yes, I have found items of use on Twitter. My fave find are the Famigo Family Apps for iPad. But I'm still deciding how I'm going to use Twitter in the long run.

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