Friday, February 24, 2012

Google Earth Discoveries

This post may reveal that I'm behind the times where Google Earth is concerned, and so be it. I've just got to sing from the rooftops how excited I am to discover new "spherical panoramic" photos in Google Earth. Previously, there were of course small pictures you could click on and see embedded in various places on the Google Earth map. Now, there are reddish tinted thumbnails which indicate a spherical image. You can click on these and actually step INTO that exact spot and look around 360 degrees. I saw amazing sights at Mount Everest and Old Faithful Geyser. The article I linked above was from 2008, so yeah, I might have missed it.

Also, I discovered their "new" (?) Earth Gallery. In it, they have overlays and interactives which show fun things like shipwrecks, 3D forests, historical Maps, Ancient Rome and so much more. Check it out.

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