Friday, February 3, 2012

Virtual Oilwell

Thanks to a recent issue of Technology & Learning, I read about the American Geological Institutes's Web site. On it, I discovered a fascinating game. I can't really decide if it's incredible useful, right-wing brainwashing technique or both. Ha! It's called Virtual Oilwell. This interactive role-playing game casts the students in the role of a land-owning Louisianan (is that a word?) who wants to drill for oil. They must learn about geology, consultants, fossil fuels, etc. in order to do so. A description of the game:

"This online strategy game has the player as a prospector trying to find oil, working off a limited budget. The player collects and interprets seismic data to search for oil traps. They are required to file environmental impact statements before drilling and use drill logs to determine when to start pumping. The player has access to a library, with several pages on how oil is trapped and how to find the traps using seismic data."
I could see how it would be useful for Geology classes. I have forwarded it to my science teachers in the middle school but no takers so far.

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