Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finding iPad Apps for Education

This month's Top 10 Web stories on Tech Learning features a "Five Common iPad App Questions Answered" post by Vicki Windman. In it, she lists her favorite places to FIND educational apps. Here is a quote:

IEAR- I Education Apps Review- Read reviews on apps, schools spreadsheets of Apps, student reviews and more.
SNapps4Kids- SNapps review adds an embedded list of skills that are addressed in every app they review.
Scoop it- Recommended Educational App Lists- You can join the site or simply use this link to see what they are reviewing. The information is current and presented in a user-friendly manner.
Apps in Education- Great blog spot! Includes apps for music, math, English teachers, special needs and more.
App Advice is not only a website but an app: appadvice $1.99. Enjoy reading App Guides, Lists, Reviews and Charts.
Kathy Schrock then commented upon her article, linking to her own iPad resources page here.

Great resources for a possible 1:1 iPad program we are considering at my school.

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