Friday, May 4, 2012

Four New Blogs to Read

Lately, I have been busy. Those five words cannot encompass the harried reality of my life these days, and yet they are all I have available. That business has prevented me from doing a good job of staying connected to my PLN, on top of current trends in ed tech, of reading blogs and forget Twitter. Today, I decided to throw it all to the wind and take two hours to catch up a little. Synchronicity brought me an email from PLP summing up a recent Twitter chat about the best educational blogs. There were 25 to check and what I liked best about the list is that it did not feature just the usual offense to the big names like Vicki Davis. The four that captured my interest enough to add to my reader were (in no particular order):

The Nerdy Teacher and especially his "Sharing with QR Codes" post
Teaching Paperless, including the "If School Was Like Twitter" post
Reflections of A Techie and this "Adapting to Google's 20% time to the Classroom" post is something...
Metanoia and especially his "Not a Device Decision" post

If you have not been reading, maybe take a look/see.
Image credit: by Moriza, creative commons license.

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