Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arty Free Drawing Tools

Our kindergarteners are studying space. I thought it would be neat to have them create constellations on the computer and while I know they could use paint, I wanted to look for online tools instead. Kerpoof! was where I started because they have used that tool before. Unfortunately, they do not offer a star "stamp" which I wanted for this particular task. From there, I tried SumoPaint because I have also used that before. It did have a star stamp and I might end out using it but you do have to show them how to change the colors using a hard-to-find drop-down menu and printing isn't as easy as it could be. So, I googled "online drawing program for kids." One of the top results was the BillyBear4Kids Color and Paint tool. It's very easy to use and intuitive. I drew the big dipper in less than 30 seconds. But (why is there so often a but? because it's free!) when you print it out, you get the whole IE menu, links, toolbars, etc. From there, I saw this page called "The Top 5 Free Online Drawing and Doodle Activities for Kids." Admittedly, the page is a MESS...oy, talk about lack of design ironically. However, the first two tools are so cool that I forgave the look of the page. Mr Picassohead allows you to create Picasso-like portraits and allows you to create virtual paint-drop images. Granted, neither of these are constellation worthy. I'll end out using either KidWorks Deluxe or SumoPaint for that.


Theo said...

Hello Alicia,
Theo here
Have you looked at TuxPaint? It's a free download with some star stamps

Alecia Berman-Dry said...

Hey Theo!!
Yes, I did look at TuxPaint and I agree it's a good tool. I simply did not have time to download it before class. Talk about last minute...Plus, we're trying to move away from downloaded programs to completely online.