Tuesday, August 14, 2012

There were times in days past when I would relax in the summer, catch up on technology journals, travel and finally reach such a state of ennui that I would welcome the return of the school year. That process has not occurred this summer. Today, as I write the very first blog post I've written in two months, I am poised to rush away from the unfinished post to greet my son as he awakens from his afternoon nap. It could happen any minute....

Yes, it's true things are different. The "me" before was on TOP of her game. I knew what what happening in the blogosphere (as if that matters anymore now), my aggregator was clear, I spent time developing my PLN and could speak thoughtfully about most educational technology issues. Every summer, I had a feeling of what was the "next thing" for our school and what our students need to know. It is with some trepidation that I write (and post!) down my fear: That I'm not in the ed tech loop anymore. My priorities have shifted. That's not to say that hundreds of men and women have made this transition before, and have managed to navigate both the parent and ed-tech worlds. Somehow, I just haven't done it. I am aware that it was a choice. I chose to spend my time with my son, in entirety.

He goes to school for the first time this fall, in about three days. Not that I'm counting. As I get back to work, I do know that I will feel reinvigorated by my subject. I will be teaching a class this Fall that I have lobbied to create and teach for years about "Issues in Technology." It asks students to examine moral issues they face when using technology tools and to develop their own opinions. It will be centered upon debate. I'm hoping things get heated! We're also migrating to a new student information system and we have some new interactive whiteboard hardware school-wide. I think I feel a glimmer of excitement somewhere inside me.

There is a place, I'm sure, inside of me for both my child and my career. I've never been great with balance...even in yoga class I found the "tree pose" nearly impossible despite being an advanced yogi for all the other poses and positions. I'll get there, I think. I may never be on top of my game again but I'll be in the game at least instead of at another stadium entirely.

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