Friday, August 31, 2012

Web 2.0 Smackdown in Faculty Development Session

As I wrote previously, this summer I attended my first edcamp. While there, I attended the closing session, entitled the Web 2.0 Smackdown! It was an incredibly useful fast-paced session in which any willing participant went to the front of the room and had 1 minute to show a resource on the screen. There were so many Web sites and apps shown that I have fully integrated into my own practice now. I thought it could be a good activity for my own Back to School Faculty Development days. We had an incredible amount of new technology to introduce to faculty and staff, between Brightlink hardware and a new home-school portal. I wanted to make sure to keep it light and fun, because it could have easily been overwhelming and frustrating. I knew I wanted to package it for them in some fun way, and considered a game-board like approach (Candyland? Clue?). Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I settled on the Olympics...the Tech Olympics. My presentation introduced each task they had to master as "events" like Brighlink Basketball and every faculty member was given a country name, like Valbania and Steven Nam. Sure, it's cutesy, but it worked!

There were so many positive comments sent my way and every single faculty member--even the self-proclaimed technophobes--presented a web site or tool that they use in their teaching practice. Here is the resulting list. I am in a post-training afterglow. Thank you, St. John's faculty for "playing" with me.

Teachers Pay Teachers (
Class Dojo (
Jam Studio (
Study Jams (
ToonDoo (
Eduplace (
Abcmouse (
SciLinks (
Quia (
Wisc Online (
MrRoughton ( (
Geosense (
EdHelper Puzzles (
BMA Matisse Interactive (
Xtranormal (
JW Pepper (for music)
PE Central (
Brainpop (
St. John’s Library Online (
Pinterest (
Study Spanish Cultural Notes, History (
Google Earth Gallery (


Theo said...

Thanks for the list! It'll be fun to explore those which are new to me. Been exploring using Pinterest as a way to store images for projects

Anonymous said...

This is why you are the greatest mentor of all time. I'm so proud of you and the STJES teachers. Such a cool way to present the year long PD experiences.

Way to Go Coach!