Thursday, January 17, 2013

Easybib School Edition

Our school has made a big leap this Fall by finally agreeing to a standardized, school-wide bibliography format and citation tool. Our English teachers, Technology team and Social Studies teachers all agreed to use Easybib ( as the single way we will all use to create and generate citations. In the course of the last few weeks, all of the students have been trained. For the first time in my experience as an educator, almost ALL students not only took to it like fish to water but used it for a project within two weeks. They immediately saw the benefits of using the tool to, say, create notecards tied to citations, which then can be printed out and turned in. When given the choice, every sixth grader chose to complete their notecards using Easybib rather than a traditional notecard or notebook. One of my students said to me, "This is so much easier and so useful." Be still my beating heart. We're doing it right, by golly.

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