Monday, January 14, 2013

Fake Text Screenshot Generators

While perusing this week's Teachers First list of Featured Resources I came across iFakeText. This tool allows you to create false text message exchanges. Immediately, I saw tons of potential uses for this fun, witty tool. Of course there are also some real implications for our cyber-safety (Issues in Tech) lessons, too.
I tried it out and had really a tough time getting it to work. Kept getting errors. I wrote a fictional exchange between MLK and his wife Cora in his last moments. Would NOT produce the text. Tried it in Chrome and IE. Same error. Used iPhone Text Generator instead and it worked!

Here are some ideas:
1. Write an exchange in Spanish to practice their language skills.
2. Create an exchange between two historic characters (like General Lee and Stonewall Jackson) at an important moment in time.
3. Write a similar exchange between two characters in a book or play.
4. Explain how to complete a math lesson in text speak. The act of "translation" means they understand in a whole new way.
5. Create an exchange about a book (like a book report) to replace book reviews.
6. Write a conversation about a political issue (social studies) that reveals two points of view.

I could keep going but I have more resources to read about!

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